Background Check Release Form

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Background Check Release Form

It is a good idea to always use a background check release form if you will be running a background check on anyone. These are not technically required by law, but it is just a good practice to make sure that the applicant knows that they are being looked into. Many people who find out later that they have had a background check run feel violated or feel like they were discriminated against for some reason or another. It is important to cover your bases and make sure that the applicant knows that there background is being looked at carefully.

Using a Background Check Release Form

You should simply make the background check release form a part of your screening process. When someone fills out the paperwork to be employed by you or to rent a property from you, this should be among the forms that you give them. A background check release form will simply need to be signed and dated by the applicant. When you do this, you are sure that the applicant understands that their background is being looked at for employment or residential purposes only.

Many times when you use a background check release form you will find that people get anxious and back out of the process on the spot. Many people know that there is stuff that will come up on the background check and instead of wasting their time, and yours! While not everyone who is willing to have the background check will come out clean, using this form can save you money on those who would not have passed the check.

There are not many background check laws, but it is still a good idea to use a background check release form. This communicates to the individual in no uncertain terms that their employment is contingent on them passing a background check. This may save you time later when you have to explain to someone that they cannot be employed by you or rent from you because of their background. In many cases this is a time saving form that will communicate terms of employment in a very black and white manner.

You can get a background check release form where you will simply fill in your name or the name of your company many different places. You can print these off the internet if you would like, or you can buy pads of them at office supply stores. Either way, it is a good idea to incorporate these forms into your hiring or tenant application processes now, as they will likely become a part of background check law in the future.

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