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Our people finder database contains more than 400 million in-depth people records on lawsuits, offender registry, liens and bankruptcies; home value and property ownership, addresses, marriage records, court records, death records; and more.

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Q: What types of information is available to search about people?

A: Practically anything except for the very sensitive personal information such as financial and credit card data, including passwords and full account numbers. Other than that you might be able to uncover a lot of data about mostly anyone. Information that may be included:

» BACKGROUND RECORDS – Reports include addresses, relatives, phones, properties, judgments.

» CRIMINAL RECORDS – Reports include case #, charge, offense, arrest, file, disposition, sentence.

» LEGAL RECORDS – Reports include property, liens, judgments, business records, and more.

» SSN RECORDS – Reports include Social Security Number validations and death records.

» SEX OFFENDERS – Reports include registered addresses, aliases, case #, charge, conviction.

» CREDIT RECORDS – Reports include subject’s credit history, credit worthiness, bankruptcies, and more.

Q: Are Social Security numbers available for lookup?

A: Generally not. It is a vital security precaution not to allow Social Security numbers be available public. If you uncover that your information contains some sensitive data you will be able to notify proper institutions to request them to remove the information. We ourselves cannot change the information, we can only display it to our members.

Q: What countries does your website cover?

A: You will be able to lookup information about people in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom – we have the most databases and data centers available for these three countries. Also, we have a fewer number of options for people living elsewhere in the world.

Q: Does the membership automatically rebill at any point?

A: Absolutely not.

Q: How do I register?

A: Simply perform a background check on the person you wish to and if our system finds that person click on “Register Here” or “Proceed Now” and you will be redirected to our secure page.