How to Expunge Criminal Records

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How to Expunge Criminal Records

Did you make some bad choices in the past that left you with a permanent criminal record? Many people are in the same boat with you, and though they have changed their life they are still living in the shadow of their past mistakes. The problem when you have a criminal record is it can be difficult to get a job, get loans, and so much more. It is really difficult to live with a criminal record when you have cleaned up your act and are just trying to go about your life. There may be hope though; you could try to expunge criminal records, which means to clear them off of your record as though the events never happened.

You may or may not be able to expunge criminal records, as different jurisdictions have different policies. Some areas will exclude the possibility of expunging your record, while others simply limit its availability to those who have no more than one conviction, or have not been charged with a violent crime. Generally speaking, if you want to expunge criminal records you need to have been discharged from your sentence for a considerable amount of time, without reoffending. You will need to check the laws and the policies in your area to see if you are able to expunge criminal records, though you should note that those who have been convicted of a sexual crime will not be offered the option to expunge your record.

In most jurisdictions you will need the help of a lawyer to clear your record. The reason for this is that you must petition the court to remove the charges from your record and this is an executive action that requires some legal wrangling. If you cannot expunge the record, you may be able to look into sealing the record if you were a juvenile when the offense occurred. Getting the help of an attorney will help you navigate the court system and all of your options.

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