What is in a National Criminal Search?

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What is in a National Criminal Search?

If you have ever wondered what is in a national criminal search you are not alone. Many people wonder what these reports consist of, especially if they have been told that they have to give permission for someone to run one on them. A national criminal search is basically a criminal background search that is done in every county in the country that is being searched. This means that if you have a criminal record in any county in the country that is being searched by someone, they are going to know it.

A criminal search validates certain pieces of information such as your legal name, your date of birth and age, and also your address and sometimes even your previous addresses. If you do not have a criminal record it will not show anything else other than this. If you have a juvenile record it will generally not show it, as these records are usually sealed. If you have offenses they will be listed in the order in which they occurred. The criminal record will list the dates of arrests, the court dates, and pleas, and final charges.

A national criminal search is a good idea if you want to know more about a person and you know that they have lived or visited a lot of different places in their life. You cannot simply do a county wide search if you know that someone has moved around and been all around the country. Doing a national search will yield you the most results if they are there to find, so you will have a complete look at who is a person is, at least as far as their criminal past is concerned.

Everything in one’s criminal past is going to show up on a national criminal search. The only things that may not show up on a national search of this nature are juvenile records, as mentioned previously, as well as federal charges. While federal charges may not appear, there are usually state charges associated with federal charges so you can usually see what a person has been up to even though you cannot see their federal charges.

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