Who Can do a Federal Criminal Search

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Who Can do a Federal Criminal Search

You may have found when you do criminal searches and background checks that you never get any federal records on anyone. There is a reason for this, though many people don’t know it. The fact of the matter is that you have to be a law enforcement officer of a certain caliber to get a hold of federal criminal records. Not just anyone can do a federal criminal search. In fact, your typical police officer cannot just obtain federal records.

Federal criminal records are not publicly available to just anyone. Instead, these records are kept under lock and key by the FBI and federal government. The reason for this is mostly for security reasons, not necessarily for the privacy of the person who have a federal record. Many times the information that is disclosed in federal criminal records could expose information about others or even leak information that is tied to other or ongoing federal cases.

Federal records and state records often overlap, so you can usually get a good indication of what federal charges may be if you look at the state record. Federal records usually involve drugs, immigration, fraud, and weapons charges. Federal criminal records can be sought through the NCIC, which is the National Crime Information Center. This database contains reports that have been completed by the FBI or other government officials. The database of information is generally only available to criminal justice agencies, as the whole idea behind the NCIC is that criminal justice agencies have quick and reliable access to information about criminals they may come in contact with. The information found within the NCIC database is generally not accessible to the general public.

While the federal criminal records are not easily accessible to the average person, they are easily accessible to law enforcement personnel. The NCIC is available to law enforcement personnel 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This means that anyone with a federal criminal record can be looked into any time law enforcement personnel need to learn more about them.

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